205 Harmful Apps Google Play Store Had, Downloaded Over 32 Million Times In July

Google Play Store might need a large amount of apps to entertain users on golem, however several of these apps might on the Q.T. be terribly dangerous for users.

Findings by ESET Malware research; Lukas Stefanko

According to a finding by ESET Malware research worker Lukas Stefanko, Google Play Store hosted 205 harmful apps within the month of Gregorian calendar month, 2019. what is worse is that these apps were downloaded over thirty two million times within the month of Gregorian calendar month itself.

A majority of those apps were associated with hidden-ads that accounted to nineteen.2 million installs, consistent with the report. alternative malicious applications for the previous month embody scams associated with subscription, stalker ware, fake apps, faux anti-virus apps, adware in addition as applications with embedded back doors.

What’s astonishing is that whereas the subscription

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Lukas Stefanko conjointly same the hidden-ad apps have AN aggressive approach to truly showing adds to users wherever it takes up the full screen, with no alternative practicality.

Lukas was ready to realize these apps supported analysis, reports in addition as tweets revealed by the info sec community throughout Gregorian calendar month 2019.

This isn’t the primary instance revealing the dearth of security and privacy on Google Play Store. Recently, Google removed seven stalker ware apps that were discovered by anti-virus company Avast. The apps were ready to track the victim’s location, get access to their contacts in addition as text messages and decision history. Pitched as children and worker observance tools.

Another report proving Google’s negligence on the Play Store discovered by Symantec declared that there have been over a hundred and fifty faux Jio apps on the Play Store that promise users to urge free information, however simply find yourself displaying ads instead.

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